Two Bridges

Using New Media to Support Education

Two Bridges Instruction Technology develops support materials that seek to use new media in effective ways. We take the observation of a wise Communications professor who once observed that new forms of media are often used in old ways: the first movies were filmed live plays, the first television shows were televised radio shows. While productive, only when new ways get develop to use a new medium does that medium shine.
To support textbooks and other traditional learning tools, Two Bridges seeks to create digital narratives that support the mastery of key principles or that serve as case studies for the 21st Century. This has led us to explore the social phenomenon of collaboration in an ARG (“Alternate Reality Game”) and, more recently, applying digital narratives to new types of assessments.

Two Bridges is not your consultancy if you seek to transform print materials by adding only hyperlinked cross references, digital bookmarks, or inserting out-of-context interactive exhibits that stand apart form the rest of the material. However, if you seek to transform your content into a form that only could be represented by new media, then please give us your consideration.

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