Two Bridges

Using New Media to Support Education

Two Bridges Instruction Technology develops support materials that seek to use new media in effective ways. We take the observation of a wise Communications professor who once observed that new forms of media are often used in old ways: the first movies were filmed live plays, the first television shows were televised radio shows. Only when new ways are found to apply a new medium does that medium shine.

To support textbooks and other traditional learning tools, we seek to create digital narratives that support the mastery of key principles or that serve as case studies. Two Bridges is currently exploring generative AI to supplement our work using sandbox simulation and alternative reality games to create more immersive case studies.

DSI Annual Conference, November 18-20, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia.

David presented “Effective Use of Data and Cases for Statistics and Analytics Instruction” and the two-part “Examining the Content and Delivery of Analytics Classes” in DASI SIG sessions.

Even You Can Learn Statistics and Analytics, 4th edition, now available at!

Basic Business Statistics, 15th edition, now available from Pearson!