Current Projects


Business Statistics Textbooks. Work with Pearson Education to support and revise various textbooks in the disciplines of business statistics and business analytics.
Waldowood Productions Master Case. Translate the details of the fictional WaldoLands Theme Park and Resort into a form suitable to support a large-scale, reusable business case for the study of business analytics. Uses the intellectual property of Waldowood Productions, including characters, back stories, and existing media.
Business Analytics Project. Define and develop learning modules for an introductory undergraduate or graduate course in business analytics or a hybrid statistics and analytics course. Emphasizes business user and management perspectives.
Excel Learning. Maintain and enhance digital templates and a template librarian add-in that support the teaching of business statistics using Microsoft Excel.
Making Statistics and Analytics Concepts Accessible to All. Develop interactive media to support an introductory data analysis trade paperback.
Learn A Little Podcast. Develop a podcast series that address data analytics topics of a general nature.


Evolution of Queens County Transportation. Trace how transportation infrastructure affected the development of Queens County and Long Island, NY.
History of Queens County. Research and present details of a historically significant neighborhood in Queens County, NY., in support of actions by various community groups.
“You’re Never Too Old (or Too Young) To Learn…” Develop series of seminars to serve the needs of a NYC NORC (naturally occurring retirement community). Current series in development discusses the digital world of data and analytics
PDDNOS Advocacy. Help publicize the needs of those on the autism spectrum, especially “high-functioning” adults who did not benefit from early childhood interventions.
Tenant Advocacy. Oversee communications for one of the oldest tenant advocacy groups in the Metro New York City area.