SEDSI and DSI Annual Conference Presentations

David’s presentations at the DASI SIG (formerly MSMESB) sessions:

2012 SEDSI
Excel Add-ins for Business Statistics

2012 DSI
Integrating Business Analytics into the Business Statistics Course*
A Case For Engaging Case Studies

2013 DSI
A Course in Data Discovery and Predictive Analytics*

2014 DSI
Software Oriented Advice for Analytics…RapidMiner Studio 6

2015 DSI
Learning Management Systems: Could They Undercut Our Efforts?

2016 DSI
What Statistical Knowledge Serves as a Foundation for a Business Analytics Course?*
What Would Constitute the Data Component in a Business Analytics Course?**

2017 SEDSI
Experiences with and Recommendations for using R for Statistics/Analytics Instruction

2017 DSI
Getting Students to See the Forest (and not just the Trees) in Introductory Business Analytics*
Programming Guidance for Using R and JMP 13 Capabilities for Statistics Instruction

2018 DSI
Analytics-Oriented Instruction from Business Statistics through Business Analytics*
Data Visualization and Story Telling for Statistics and Analytics
Software Pairs: Using Two Data Analysis Programs in One Course

2019 DSI
Teaching Regression in Introductory Business Analytics*

2020 SEDSI
Pairing Logistic Regression & Classification Trees
Misconceptions About “Using” Software in Business Analytics Courses

2020 DSI
Using Videos & Dashboards to Increase Engagement, Interest and Understanding*
Discovering Power: Going Beyond Excel PivotTables for Basic Analytics

2022 DSI DASI Brown Bag
Exploring Discord for DASI Brown Bag Uses

* with David Levine and Kathryn Szabat
** with Kathryn Szabat